Lucy's Lights 3
With love and light,

Good Morning All,

In keeping with the concepts of this page (counsel, guidance, help,
problems, today's women, counseling, girls) I look to many others in
my life to address some of the things that they note as needing
counsel.  Lots of times I go to the men in my life like Fr. Richard
Rohr,  Brian McLaren, my Pastor, and others.
When I ask the men, I get totally different subjects and answers than I would when I ask the women.  For
example, ask the men what they think women suffer from most and then ask women.  You will find unusually
different opinions depending upon the gender.  One of the dearest blurbs I've seen about a (possible)
difference between men's and women's thinking is illustrated by this diary fantasy I read today.
Of course, that could be turned around, too,
that diary writing.  Let's say the woman's
gained 10 pounds and she had just found out
that day. He might be the one talking and
she'd sit there not saying a word trying to
figure out what she had done wrong and how
she could get those pounds off.

Mostly those things are written to be funny
and we can all have a bit of a chuckle over

Women are still working their way up in the
world of men. We only got the vote less than
a century ago.  We have a long way to go,
baby! Let us do so with a lot more love and  
kindness than we received at times.

God bless us all;  men and women of God